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What is perspective?

Is it something I should know experience or understand?

I’m going to say yes and no

I should know because of my experience and understand there is always a predetermined plan

Perspective is how I view me and the world I’m in

Perspectives change according to the world I’m in

Perspective hmm…

How do I see me?

How do I see the world around me?

What extent or range of vision do we have?

Some would boast and say I have 20/20 vision!

But let me provide some insight here on this 20/20 thing!

20/20 vision is not perfection of sight

It is the measurement of visual acuity

What is the clarity or sharpness of your vision?

What is the quality of your sight?

How discerning are you?

Oh, yea we all know in the year of our Lord 2020 things are not right.

This is clearly a view we did not expect but I hope your perspective and perception are comprehensible and intelligible.

Knowing that all things pertaining to life ride on this.

Perspective – the place from which things come – the power within.

How we see cultivates what we think what we think is what we produce.



Human beings have a power that is under used. It’s the power of positive thinking. There are too many times when we rely on our senses. If we can’t feel, see, touch, smell, hear, or taste it somehow it is not real. Contrary to popular belief it’s not only real it has the power to transform our lives.

According to Norman Vincent Peale, this power can transform you so dramatically that under it’s influence and guidance you can become an entirely new person, stronger, more confident, better balanced, more energetic, more resilient, more capable of coping with the ever-increasing complexity of modern living. Our wonderful helper is needed every day. Without the helper we may stay in poverty, remain sick, or embrace low esteem, but with it we can experience wealth, divine health, and assurance. Please understand we didn’t show up in human form without a higher purpose.

With the power of positive thinking you are alive. Without it you are dead. We were all created with the power. During the course of life we can use this plus factor within. This Plus Factor is always deep in the personality of every human being. It is up to you and I to make the choice allowing it to manifest and bring evidence to the earth.

Power of Positive Thinking - Plus Factor



So often we want to look outside for answers. When all the time the answer is inside. However, if we did not protect what we see in our mind. You know the person you thought was a dream. No, not a dream! That is the person who is perfectly fulfilled because you are flowing and thriving. The one who begs to be released 100% percent of the time. The one who is walking in satisfaction and gratitude because you were able to emerge during the 24-hour gift and expand, grow, and develop further into your life’s purpose. Small note here, life’s purpose is eternal.

Proverbs 4:23 New International Version Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

It is that simple when we choose to do as suggest that above all else “is used to emphasize that a particular thing is more important than other things.”

Therefore, when we choose to guard (protect) our heart and this should not insinuate to put a wall up so high you do not even allow yourself to love, to feel, to enjoy who you are. It means the decisions we make get really close to producing what is necessary for us to live in joy and peace 100% of the 24 hours we are gifted. I know your mind unfortunately went to that is impossible, but it is key to understand these ingredients create consecutive moments of happiness. You know, the pleasure humanity desires and needs for the purpose of thriving while on journey. Just at that moment, I chuckled because this journey called life is so simple. It is up to us to maximize the 24-hours gifted to us. We simply must choose. Trust that you are capable. Stand on the premise I must do this. Always remember nothing is more important than protecting your ability to allow life to flow from you. Life is in you and if you decide not to protect it, by allowing the outside distractions to pull you so far into the negative beliefs; the spirit of who you are becomes damaged. From this point on it is time for damage control. Of course, things will happen that are painful, but we do not have to allow it to damage us within and impede the flow. Here are a few things that will impede the flow, anger, bitterness, resentment, dislike, rejection, abandonment, and an unhealthy craving for drama. Be diligent in protecting you. The passionate, committed, strong, developed, stable, peaceful, calm, unruffled, productive you are necessary!


What Are You Allowing?

Watch What You Allow

Don’t let your brain go numb. Don’t let it turn to mush. You cannot allow this to happen. We must fight! We must fight for what was given to us by God. We have been given a life full of God, along with faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. When you allow your brain to go numb, it is void and does not have the capacity or determination to pursue the truth of who we are. We all have been given a gift which we need to give away while walking the journey. However, there are oppositions that come to deter us from sharing our gifts to the fullest. Our gifts can become dormant through life’s negative devices.

The minute the negative devices are given permission by us, to trap us into entertaining our thoughts and producing many foolish and harmful desires that plunge us into ruin and destruction (1 Timothy 6:9) the mind turns to a sloop, goo, and mire. This is clearly not what the brain is meant to do. According to Psychology Today, the primary purpose of a brain is so that we will have cognitive function and are able to move around our environment in a meaningful way. That is the psychological purpose, yes, of course there are physiological reasons too, but for the sake of this book we will stick with the psychological portion. You must not allow your brain to lose its purpose. Notice I used the word allow on purpose. We must not give permission or authorize our own demise.

When something goes numb it can no longer be used for its intended function. Wow, if we subscribe to the Psychology Today purpose of the brain, when it loses its intentional purpose, our ability to function dies. Once the planned role is diminished all intent, goals, and objectives may be lost. Allowing this to happen takes away feelings and sensations and we become desensitized, senseless, and unfeeling towards everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is an open door for the death of dreams, visions, and aspirations. This what we will not allow to happen. Right?

Because we have been building up our resistance and becoming more resilient. We are building and sharpening our courageous tools. True courage is sharpened by opposition. This is not the time to back down. It is no time to shut down or be timid. This is the time to take on the opposition because this resistance has only made the reality of who we are come alive. We refuse to live in numbness. That is impossible. There is no vitality in numbness. When anything tries to get in the way of us fulfilling our intended purpose, it should only do one thing and that is make us want it even more. I call the opposition catalyst.

Opposition cannot break the spirit of those who want to see the fulfillment of purpose, move out of being stuck, numb, and desensitized. Use this discord as fuel and encouragement. Allow it to ignite you with fresh courage and stand on the provisions of greatness that is alive within you. Remain steadfast, the journey is not over. There are more chapters of your life to be written. 

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