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Stacey  Bulluck 

Stacey Bulluck is a transformational speaker committed to igniting resilience, personal transformation, and building the life skills of her audiences and clients. Through her messages of inspiration and motivation, she enables individuals to regain their power following life’s hard blows. She encourages them to become better human beings—fostering the belief that our perseverance through opposition makes us stronger and better equipped to fulfill our intended purposes.


The author of two self-help books, “Beaten Oil” and “Regain Power Through Resilience: Don’t Let Your Brain Go Numb,” Stacey imparts lessons that teach readers to utilize their light as a guide for others and discover inner strength and resiliency to bounce back when life throws curve balls. Stacey uses her life experiences to demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles, set and achieve life-altering goals and visions, and utilize her military experience to foster compassionate leadership in influencing organizational change.


Stacey is the founder of the non-profit organization Ordered Steps Inc. Her non-profit  develops and provides workshops and programs in the following areas to assist formerly incarcerated women and homeless women Veteran communities:

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Goal Setting

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Development

  • Basic Financial Education

  • Trauma Recovery Programs

Stacey’s work, presentations, speaking engagements, and appearances are guided by her mission and purpose of teaching and developing others to understand their worth and confidently fulfill their God-given purpose. Regardless of environment, socioeconomic status, gender, or experiences, “we all have purpose and deserve to fulfill it.”

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Our Mission

Our Mission



Dr. Stacey Bulluck is passionately dedicated to igniting resilience and personal growth as both a transformational speaker and life coach. Through her guidance, she helps individuals reclaim their strength in the face of life's challenges, guiding them towards fulfilling their true purpose with confidence + determination.

Our Vision

We believe that our workplace should reflect the rich diversity of the community we serve in beautiful Long Beach, a city where everyone feels that they truly belong."lbar.

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